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Richard Pitt is a therapist trying to relaunch his career online after the disastrous collapse of his group therapy practice. Over the course of his new venture he tries to tackle an array of clients, each with their own issues, while fighting fires in his own life. Working from home, Richard has to contend with his personal demons, his teenage children, his unconventional parents, his eccentric therapist and his best friend, Pete, who is supposed to be offering him technical support but proves to be less than helpful. His high-flying wife, Karen, has work issues of her own, an over-eager assistant, a business in trouble and a perverse boss with a vivid fantasy life. What’s more, Karen is pressing hard for Richard to get a vasectomy, his supervisor seems out to undermine him, his father calls with terrible news and his own therapist has become worryingly anally-fixated. In the midst of all this and most troubling of all, one disastrous past decision is threatening not just his sanity but his personal safety. And then there’s his clients, all who need his professional counsel, and a business that must succeed or he’ll never be free of the past.

Genre: Comedy


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